Prior to working with Iain we were experiencing real financial hardship. We now have a thriving business, exciting prospects and two homes. Huge thanks for the last years of the journey.
– Mike and Lyn
I have spent decades worrying about my finances and have never seemed to get on top of things. Since working with Iain and his team I have literally had my life transformed with strong cash flow management, debts being paid off, credit cards cleared and more importantly a much healthier financial future with real security.
– Julia
Working with Iain at a business level helped us build a very successful business that recently sold for more than you can imagine. We don’t underestimate for a minute the assistance that Iain’s engagement and wisdom influenced this outcome.
– Name withheld for confidentiality reasons
Iain is working with us to build the financial resources and deposit for our first home as well as getting our cash flow in good shape. His vision and enthusiasm is entirely directed at helping our family to prosper. We have already sent him to other friends and he is assisting them as well. You will love working with him!
– Barbara and Carl

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